Are you feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, or just plain “stuck” on your journey to better health? Are you ready to leave food restriction and dieting behind and focus on a mindful approach that nurtures your physical, emotional, and mental health? We all have unique life experiences that shape our motivation, generate unexpected roadblocks, or zap our energy. We have good intentions to live a healthy life, but inadequate time, energy, or motivation may get in the way. Coaching can help you transform your life, so you experience more energy, peace, or life purpose. 


I will help you transition from feeling stuck to feeling inspired. We will explore new approaches to overcome barriers and create personalized strategies that fit your lifestyle. We'll design a plan that prioritizes wellness, not weight,  so you can experience improved health at any size.


During our first coaching session, you will develop your vision and personal goals for a healthier life. We’ll work together to identify your challenges, then draw on your strengths and values for support and motivation. At the close of our session, you will have created an action plan tailored to fit your lifestyle. Your plan will include weekly and 3-month goals that keep you moving closer to your personal vision of health and well-beingRather than experiencing a temporary quick-fix, coaching sets you up with a solid foundation for life-long change. The number of sessions required to  reach your goals will vary based on your individual needs, but will typically take 4 to 8 sessions.




I'm a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. But I've also been stuck in negative thinking, mindless eating, and struggling to be physically active. I've learned to balance eating for nourishment and enjoyment, found physical activities that I love, and I feel a greater sense of contentment. You have your own unique story and vision of health, and I would love to work with you to explore new possibilities that help you reach your dreams!  

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